Whether you’re a new or an established author, you will soon find out or already experienced the ups-and-downs in the publishing world. There are many complex details involved in getting a book published, and marketed to reach your target audience.

The foundation of your successful book launch starts once you’ve completed your manuscript. A must, the basics, for getting your book recognized as a professional continues with editing and formatting, book cover design, book descriptions, and book reviews.

Marketing is key to the success of your novel. Professional book reviews and author promotions are a reliable source for getting your book noticed by the right readers. And, you’ll only want to work with the best.

For Book Descriptions

You need a crisp and catchy, well-written book description to post on your author platforms telling readers about your book. This is your space to dazzle the reader and give them the reason why they should click the buy now button.

Author Resources

I’ve put together an author DIY resource guide for helping you along the way. You don’t have to launch your new book on your own. There’s professional help a keystroke away. Stay tuned for additional resources as they become available. Note: I only recommend the ones I’ve used successfully in my book marketing and with their permission.

Chick Lit Café

Chick Lit Cafe writes professional captivating book reviews, runs powerful “targeted” book marketing campaigns to increases book sales, author awareness, and online presence. We will help launch you and your book into the online spotlight.”