Bada Bing Bada Boom: March Writing News

Quote of the Day: March brings breezes loud and shrill, Stirs the dancing daffodil. ~Sara Coleridge 

March Wind, Carolyn M. BowenMarch winds have blown in a whirlwind of activities for my writing life and I love it. Let me introduce you to The Owl Branch and my latest interview where you’ll meet one of my kitties, Tooker.

The Long Road Home, Carolyn M. Bowen, AuthorAbout The Long Road Home Genre: Mystery, Suspense/Thriller, Crime Fiction and Romantic Suspense

The Long Road Home: A Southern twist of fate where lust, love, money, murder and revenge play key roles.

Blurb: Kate’s life was in turmoil after the death of her parents. She’d always been protected and sheltered by them. Suddenly she finds herself with a conniving fiancé living under her roof, a powerful businessman with terrorist ties from across the ocean trying to kill her and more family secrets than most American politicians. She was also unaware that a half-brother she knew nothing of was about to enter her life. Her situation was getting precarious right at the moment she was least able to cope with it.

The Long Road Home by Carolyn M. Bowen

The Long Road Home by Carolyn M. Bowen – Ask for it at your favorite bookstores! Shop Here Online!


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Books, Carolyn M. BowenMystery Lovers: Book Reviewers Wanted

Do you want to know what all the talk is about? Ask for your copy of The Long Road Home to be in the know. I’ll gift you with the Kindle version for your enjoyment. Remember you can read it FREE on Kindle Unlimited. No strings attached. But if you don’t like it, remember the saying, if you don’t have something good to say, say nothing at all. <Smiles>

More Good News

I’m so happy about launching The Long Road Home! I’m offering Cross-Ties Novel with reduced pricing. It’s a story about love, passion, and family with some hiccups here and there. (Historical Fiction) Purchase today at Amazon: Paperback $9.99 – MatchBook $0.99 – Kindle $1.99 and Barnes and Noble -$9.99.

Around the House

Last month I talked about Southern foods. If you know why that’s important when talking about The Long Road Home, drop me a note. I’ll know you are reading or have read my novel.

Thank you for responding to my recipe request for making an old-fashioned Corn Pone. I tried one and it brought back childhood memories of eating cracklings’ and cornbread with fried chicken and of course iced tea.

I made some black-eyed peas in the crockpot with some beef broth substituting for the water and added some ham pieces along with a couple packets of Goya Sazón Seasoning. It was delicious and my corn pone was quite the accompaniment for this dish.

All Things Southern Contest

Iced Tea, Carolyn M. Bowen AuthorThis week I’m gathering recipes for making iced tea. I will sample the different recipes and choose one to star in my YouTube video. The winner will receive credit and a $25 gift card. I look forward to your responses.

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Flexing Some Muscle: Imagination

Quote of the Day: “Imagination is like a muscle. I found out that the more I wrote, the bigger it got.” Philip José Farmer

Carolyn M. Bowen Author, The Writing Life

Flexing some muscle

I love the changing of the seasons. It’s inspiring to see the colorful display of autumn colors. It makes my imagination soar.

I am so ready for you to read The Long Road Home.

It’s tough waiting to launch a new book. I’m excited! We’re moving closer to announcing the release date of my new murder-mystery, The Long Road Home. Hint: It’s looking like early November.

Just for you!

In the anticipation of this new release, I’m offering Cross-Ties Novel with reduced pricing.  It’s a story about love, passion and family with some hiccups here and there. (Historical Fiction) Purchase today at Amazon: Paperback $9.99 – MatchBook $0.99 – Kindle 1.99 and Barnes and Noble Nook Book -$1.99.

The Long Road Home, Carolyn M. Bowen, AuthorReviewers Wanted: If you’re the real deal, reader/reviewer and would like a copy of my book, The Long Road Home, let me know and I’ll send you a Kindle version when released, no strings.

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Wishing you a wonderful autumn weekend. Carolyn Bowen


Today’s Inspiration

Quote for Today: If you have other things in your life—family, friends, good productive day work—these can interact with your writing and the sum will be all the richer. David Brin

Shellman's Bluff GA

Spring is in the air making my days even more wonderful. I love the distinct seasonal changes in the US. The number of entertainment opportunities are enormous. The timing is perfect for me to take a short break before the launch of my new book. This means spending time with friends and family. I hope you’re taking a spring break, too.

I look forward to sharing new information about my book soon. If you haven’t read my previous books, please check them out on

Thank you! Carolyn Bowen Book Trailer for Cross-Ties Novel


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Cross-Ties Book Trailer

Thought for Today: “Everything you can imagine is real.” Pablo Picasso

Good morning everyone!
Today I want to talk about Cross-Ties, the Book. Cross-Ties, a young adult fiction, is full of visuals from the Pirates of the Caribbean, the beautiful Antigua and frontier America just to name a few. It was a treat to release the Cross-Ties book trailer that provides a peek into the journey of the main character Leah coming of age in the 18th Century.

Every young person proceeds through a rite of passage into adulthood. In Leah’s case, it was a stormy transition in finding true love and purpose in life. For many, this still holds true today. In Leah’s early adulthood, she had the mistaken belief that a man loved her only to find that it was a different kind of love. A love between friends, not the romantic love she had visualized in her dreams. Yet, she did find different kinds of love during her lifetime. Read Cross-Ties today and enjoy Leah’s adventure as she learns to love again – and again.

Cross-Ties Book, Carolyn M. Bowen, The Writing LifeHope to see you on Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter. Let me know your experiences in finding true love and purpose in life. It’s a never ending story. Carolyn