Quote of the Day: Courage is the act of putting one foot in front of the other in the bleak of disaster not knowing the final outcome. Carolyn M. Bowen, Author

Mexico Beach 2014
Mexico Beach – Before Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael blows through and for many, it’s over, but for those living in the region devastated by the blow at zero points, it’s significant. The hurricane’s landfall and surrounding areas have experienced the wretched aftermath and it’s not a quick fix. And, the news cycle goes on to the next big story while residents try to make sense of their losses and rebuild from nothing and I’m talking about 60 miles inland.

For many, including myself, we are unsure of the property damage or even if there’s property remaining. The ocean may have sucked in the land and perhaps created another island. This brings to point. We have no news yet, about St. George Island. Does it still exist?

St. George Island is the coastal getaway for many folks living in Tallahassee and surrounding areas plus a destination getaway for the rich and famous.

These places are my stomping grounds and have been for decades. The historic homes along the old coast are gone forever. My favorite oyster bar and shipping company were completely underwater. What’s going to happen to our gulf oysters this year? And, yes, I order them by the case for my personal consumption when out of Florida!

I love the Gulf of Mexico seafood. Some refer to the area as the Panhandle, me personally, I like the title Emerald Coast of Florida. For if you saw it, you’d know there’s nothing like it in the world.

Florida, Carolyn Bowen Author

You can see I have more questions than answers. My writing about Hurricane Michael is nostalgic, yet I already know my family members have suffered significant losses. I’m still waiting until the path can be cleared to my homestead or maybe not.

As always, I appreciate your following my blog and reading my books. Carolyn Bowen

I’ll be writing and sharing on social media. Hope to see you there, too! Carolyn Bowen

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