Leaf season is here and I enjoy seeing the changing of the foliage knowing it’s an indication that a new season has arrived. Like many of you, I’ve been busy taking care of day-to-day business and living an author’s life. No matter the circumstances, new ideas pop into my head to be integrated into a future novel.

For example, I recently visited a loved one in Florida. This feisty ninety-four-year-old always provides fresh ideas for a novel. She’s such an inspiration; I’ve dedicated a book to her in the past.

Her fondness for sitting at her pond and feeding fish quickly becomes a memory. After seeing a snake lying up in a tree over her head with his tongue poised to strike the top of her head, I lifted and snatched her out of harm’s way. An adrenaline rush saved the day.

The next afternoon she was determined to return to the fish pond, and knowing I don’t like creepy crawlers, she said, “You just go halfway with me; I can take care of myself. I’ll not only look on the ground but up in the trees.” That’s my granny!

Whenever you get a chance, say thank you to people in your life, which make a difference in your worldview. Celebrate your sameness and differences. There is much to learn from elders and young ones. I think they see the world much differently from most of us.

Wishing you and your family the best in this new season. Carolyn Bowen

The Long Road Home by Carolyn Bowen

The Long Road Home by Carolyn Bowen

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