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April Showers of Love

Quote of the Day: “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.” Anais Nin 

April Showers of Love, The Writing LifeApril Showers of Love

In the month of April, I’ve received an abundance of blessings.

 From Reviews to interview requests, it’s been a fun Spring and I am truly grateful.

Reviewers, Wanted: Are you a mystery-thriller lover who enjoys romance in your books? The Long Road Home may suit your taste in reading.

The Long Road Home, Carolyn M. Bowen, Author
About The Long Road Home-  Genre: Mystery, Suspense/Thriller, Crime Fiction and Romantic Suspense

The Long Road Home: A Southern twist of fate where lust, love, money, murder and revenge play key roles.

Blurb: Kate’s life was in turmoil after the death of her parents. She’d always been protected and sheltered by them. Suddenly she finds herself with a conniving fiancé living under her roof, a powerful businessman with terrorist ties from across the ocean trying to kill her and more family secrets than most American politicians. She was also unaware that a half-brother she knew nothing of was about to enter her life. Her situation was getting precarious right at the moment she was least able to cope with it.

The Long Road Home by Carolyn M. Bowen

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More Good News – Historical Fiction Adventure

I’m so happy about launching The Long Road Home! I’m offering Cross-Ties Novel with reduced pricing. It’s a story about love, passion, and family with some hiccups here and there. (Historical Fiction) Purchase today at Amazon: Paperback $9.99 – MatchBook $0.99 – Kindle $1.99 and Barnes and Noble -$9.99.

All Things Southern Contest

Iced Tea, Carolyn M. Bowen AuthorThis month I’m gathering recipes for making Southern dishes. I will sample the different recipes and choose one to star in my YouTube video. The winner will receive credit and a $25 gift card. I look forward to your responses.

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Book Review: The Messiah Matrix by Kenneth John Atchity

Quote of the Day: “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.” Stephen King

As an author, I challenge myself to read to enhance my writing skills and to experience new worlds through reading. That being said, today’s book review is based on “The Messiah Matrix” by author Kenneth John Atchity.

The Messiah Matrix by Kenneth John Atchity, The Writing Life, Carolyn M. Bowen AuthorThe Messiah Matrix by Kenneth John Atchity

Note Worthy: Religious mystery, action, and romance make this an incredible read.

You first have to believe the possibilities of this religious mystery. Otherwise, the story won’t make sense and the actions of the main and supporting characters will be absurd. That being said…

The Messiah Matrix” leads us on an incredible journey with believable research to reinforce the mystery. The characters are well-developed and support the story plot.

There’s a Jesuit priest, F. Ryan McKeon, whose world view is collectively shattered after meeting Emily, the stunning archeologist.

Emily’s finding of an ancient Roman coin recovered from a wreck off the coast of ancient Judea puts her on the path of discovery that threatens the very foundation of the Catholic faith.

She and Ryan fight their way through a passion for one another and the desire to unravel the truth about the historical existence of the real “Christ Savior.”

They follow the maze to intercept the Roman coin while questioning the Vatican’s interest in the valuable asset. Their safety was questionable with the Jesuits leaders involved in murdering one of their own, a once mentor of Ryan McKeon.

You’ll want to follow the investigative leads as the suspense unfolds with romance and suspense to the end. This was an incredible journey that you’ll want to read.

Carolyn M. Bowen, Author



Flexing Some Muscle: Imagination

Quote of the Day: “Imagination is like a muscle. I found out that the more I wrote, the bigger it got.” Philip José Farmer

Carolyn M. Bowen Author, The Writing Life

Flexing some muscle

I love the changing of the seasons. It’s inspiring to see the colorful display of autumn colors. It makes my imagination soar.

I am so ready for you to read The Long Road Home.

It’s tough waiting to launch a new book. I’m excited! We’re moving closer to announcing the release date of my new murder-mystery, The Long Road Home. Hint: It’s looking like early November.

Just for you!

In the anticipation of this new release, I’m offering Cross-Ties Novel with reduced pricing.  It’s a story about love, passion and family with some hiccups here and there. (Historical Fiction) Purchase today at Amazon: Paperback $9.99 – MatchBook $0.99 – Kindle 1.99 and Barnes and Noble Nook Book -$1.99.

The Long Road Home, Carolyn M. Bowen, AuthorReviewers Wanted: If you’re the real deal, reader/reviewer and would like a copy of my book, The Long Road Home, let me know and I’ll send you a Kindle version when released, no strings.

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Wishing you a wonderful autumn weekend. Carolyn Bowen