Quote of the Day: “Conflict cannot survive without your participation.” Wayne Dyer

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In Cross-Stepping Your Way to Success! I talked about steering clear of negativity and taking the high road when necessary to keep from responding in like-kind toward mean-spirited actions or comments by others.

At first glance, taking the high road seems like an act of denial. Most times what you really want is to give the opposition an equally or better negative response. Although expressing those feelings may give you a temporary shot of endorphins, it’s not over yet. You may have just created a monster.

There is a purpose in stepping above the pettiness of others. You’ll have no regrets and may end up making a friend and in the least avoid a heated exchange thereby creating an enemy. There are ways of dealing with conflict when two or more opposing parties have differing points of views.

The Short List – Conflict Resolution

  • Find a safe place and time to talk
  • Stick to the facts – No personal assaults
  • Active Listening: Listen to one another with the idea of understanding what is being said. Identify his or her perception or understanding of the conflict.
  1. Are there any points that coincide with one another?
  2. Are there any points you both can agree upon and will you? Strive for a win-win outcome by providing other options for solving the problem.
  3. In business communication, map out these points of agreement and attempt to build a working model. If the goal is of mutual interest, then fine-tuning the overall concept with strategies for achievement becomes one step easier.
  4. In interpersonal communication, conflict gets sticker. Finding the upside for mutual agreement usually doesn’t have the same focus as business conflicts where monetary gains are on the line.
  • Recognize that all of us have biased fairness perceptions. If no agreement can be made that will work for everyone, accept the other person has the right to their opinion and let it go.
  • The feel-good feeling will return and you can go about your lives in peace and harmony.

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Cross-Stepping Your Way To Success, Personal Development, Carolyn Bowen

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