Quote for Today: “The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.”  Michael Altshuler

October 2018, The Writing Life
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This month is swishing by like a video streaming of an Amtrac train blistering full throttle down the tracks. Sticking to my writing schedule is a daily priority and I am deliberate in making progress although tight-knuckled at times. I’m tickled to see the end in sight for my next project. I’ll tell you more about it next month. (Smiles)

I love celebrating special occasions and holidays are included in these fun days. The dates listed below are this month’s (Oct.) observances. Although I’m not a big fan of Halloween, I’ve noticed its’ growing popularity. So, enjoy and have fun trick or treating!

October Holidays

Monday, October 8 Columbus Day (Federal Holiday)

Wednesday, October 31 Halloween

What do you enjoy most about the fall season? Comment below!

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Cross-Stepping Your Way To Success, Personal Development, Carolyn Bowen

Launching “Cross-Stepping Your Way To Success! ” has been a wonderful experience. Helping others live their best life now is rewarding. I’m looking forward to reading your reviews and comments about this potentially life-changing book.

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The Long Road Home: Romantic Murder Mystery

Cross-Ties: Historical Fiction Passages

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