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The Bowers House, Canon GA, The Writing Life

Fall is finally in the air and the autumn leaves are going through a kaleidoscope of colors in the North Georgia Mountains. Over the weekend we took in the sights and sounds of Canon, GA., the homestead of family and friends. We walked in the steps of many before us as we explored the remains of the historic town and were made privy to some of the best-kept secrets from the past.

One of the outstanding sites continuing to operate was The Bowers House, a literary center for writers. This caught my attention and I wanted to more about the activities and offerings available. A call to Ellen Bowers Davenport, Manager and Treasurer at The Bowers House provided some fascinating details about the literary retreat and family history that lead to the opening of the residence for creatives.

The Bowers House, Canon GA, The Writing Life

The Bowers House

The Bowers House Writers Retreat and Literary Center is a grand historic home in a small northeast Georgia town. According to the spokesperson Ellen Bowers Davenport, “the residence offers a quiet environment away from the everyday things in life.”

The residence was constructed in 1921 as a hotel when the railroad was active and cotton mills churned making Canon GA a leading producer of quality products for manufacturing. Located within walking distance of the mills, many cotton traders were regular guests at the hotel. With the invention of the motor car followed by the Depression, the hotel’s fate was sealed.

The Bowers House, Canon GA, The Writing Life

Later in 1997, the hotel was restored with five private rooms and a house to accommodate up to twelve overnight guests. Today the residence is active with writers taking advantage of the solitude to focus on creating their best works.

There are several opportunities to use the property exclusively, and several workshops or readings occur monthly at the facility. The Bowers House is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and is also the perfect venue for a writing workshop with its strong Writing Guild association and proximity to the University of Georgia and Clemson.

The magnificent family residence is now owned by writer Laura Bowers Foreman who transformed the residence into a writers retreat in 2006. The old gardens surrounding the residence have plantings from around the world dating back from its beginning. Master Gardeners would have a field day on the historic site sorting through and identifying the plants and shrubs that have lived through the passages of time.

The Bowers House, Canon GA, The Writing Life

Looking for a writer’s paradise away from the noisy world where you can enjoy a southern veranda in your rocking chair, call Ellen Bowers Davenport to schedule your stay. The Bowers House literary retreat is the perfect location to schedule your next writer’s events. The Bowers House can be reached during business hours at 706-498-6970. The Bowers House is located at 100 Depot Street, Canon, GA.

The Bower's House, Canon GA, The Writing LifeSpecial thanks

Thomas C. and Maurya Jones

Ellen Bowers Davenport, Manager and Treasurer, The Bowers House

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  1. I loved going by this house growing up! I was a mansion to my sister and I. Great article on what’s going on there now, I’m so glad it’s in use!

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